Journal of Fenton Cleftlip

This is the journal of Fenton Cleftlip found by the party after he had been betrayed and killed by the Baatezu Ariella:

The book was locked, but not magically. The lock itself had been slightly damaged during you adventures, so it was easily opened. A simple, blue dyed sheepskin cover with a quality binding, it is apparently Findor’s personal journal, though the majority of its pages were torn out by the previous owner. Evidently, he wanted only certain items to be read by his intended recipient….

While searching through mountains of moldy, ancient manuscripts in the Celestial Palace, I uncovered a notebook penned by the infamous Elatiur Willow Whisper, former high wizard of the Court. From all I could find within the Palace records, he was apparently executed for performing experiments and research considered to be “blasphemous” by the Council of Corellan Letharian. It appears that the Counsel’s meddling in the affairs of progress and education is nothing new. Perhaps I should keep the discovery of this notebook to myself for the time being.

(Several pages have been torn out)

I have read Elatiur’s writings in their entirety at least 10 times and am only now beginning to understand their brilliance. From what I can gather, he stumbled upon ancient rites that allow a person to contact realms of the gods and spirits and even bind a creature there to do his or her bidding. All that is required is knowledge of the creature’s true name. If this is actually possible, perhaps the nation of the Annor’Ithil could use such beings to destroy the hordes.

(Several pages have been torn out)

Ruined. I am ruined. The knowledge of my inquiries into the studies of Elatiur has been discovered. The High Counselor nearly collapsed when I mentioned that the work of that great man could be used to our advantage. As I have not fully understood nor performed Elatiur’s rituals, I will not share his fate. However, I was summarily banished from my homeland to wander the barbaric lands of the humans beyond the Serpent Tooth Mountains. The fools!!!! Their reluctance to do what we must to survive will be the death of our nation. I must prepare my possessions for my eminent journey.

Last night as I rested before departing from my beloved homeland, I was visited in my dreams by a beautiful, ageless elven woman. Strangely. insects crawled upon her skin and through her clothing, to which she paid no mind. She introduced herself as Panzurielle, a very powerful creature unless I miss my guess. She said that she had been Elatiur’s mentor centuries ago and wished me to continue his research. She said that the fate of the very world depended on my actions to do what was needed. As a sign of her faith in my abilities, she provided me with the true name of a powerful creature who could help defeat the barbarous hoards that threaten the borders of the Annor-Ithil. The name was the most horrific sound I have ever heard. It has been burned into my mind and, I fear, into my soul. I tried to repeat it, but my mouth was instantly burned and I was wracked with debilitating pain. My teacher explained that the name carried all of the power of the creature and that uttering it without the proper preparations would destroy me.

(Hundreds of pages have been torn out)

For the past few years, I have been in the service of the human king, Baldrick. He is as short sighted as the rest of his race, but his fear of his kingdom falling to the barbaric hoards has made him willing to try anything. He has given me the privacy to continue my lessons from my mentor. Light Shield would murder me if he knew about the research I have been performing within the Royal Palace, right under his knights’ noses. I am almost ready to perform the ritual.

Success!!!!!! I contacted a creature of unparalleled beauty and horror and successfully bound her to my will. She literally cowered in fear and pain when I uttered her true name. She has requested to be referred to as Ariella. She has agreed to do all she can to fight off the barbarian hordes for the survival of the human and elven nations. We will have to devise an explanation for the King regarding her arrival. The fool is so desperate that he would believe almost anything.

(Several pages have been torn out. Also the remains of a single page)

Light Shield, I have provided this journal to your son to deliver to you as I fear that my days are numbered. Ariella has become quite willful of late and I fear that she may not be as fully bound to my will as I first believed. I tried to write her name down in order for you to find someone else who may be able to use it to destroy her, but the page burned as I wrote it. I am out of options and there is little that I can offer in terms of advice or hope. I fear that I have doomed our world to slavery and death at the hands of the armies of Hell. Perhaps providing you with evidence of my guilt which will lead to the destruction of our world provide some sort of relief for the masses soon to be enslaved by this demon. All creatures in torment require a source to blame for their misfortune. All I can say is that I am sorry.

Journal of Fenton Cleftlip

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