The Tir'ran (Childre of the Sun)


Overview and Society The Tir’ran are a nomadic race of elves, that are related to the enigmatic and powerful Annor’ithil, the Children of the Moon; a fact that the Annor’ithil vehemently deny. The Tir’ran are organized into clans that consist of 10-20 families that travel in caravans throughout the civilized lands of Adearan. Each of the clans is lead primarily by an Ada or father (though not always a male). The Ada makes the majority of the decisions for the clan. The Ada’s opinions are often swayed by discreet bribes from his people. Though most of the Adas act with their clan’s benefit in mind, it is not uncommon for them to abuse their power for their own self-enrichment. As such, there are occasionally discreet assassinations and other quiet political maneuverings within the clans. The perpetrator is generally known in these rare cases, but if the rest of the families agree that the change in command was necessary for the clan, the event is never investigated or spoken of. A replacement Ada is elected by popular vote made by the heads of the families.

A common philosophy among the Tir’ran is that if someone is not smart or strong enough to hold onto their own property or power, it never truly belonged to them in the first place. Even with the philosophy, stealing form one’s own clans-mates is viewed as a horrible sin and often results with expulsion from the family.

Theft from other competing clans is a form of sport among the Tir’ran that occasionally escalates to bloodshed.

Interaction with Outsiders The Tir’ran, as a nation, has a standing tradition that they will not stay in a single location longer than 3 weeks. After which time, they claim to get itchy feet and need to move on. Many of the towns and villages that they have visited would claim that they move so frequently to avoid trials for thievery, shoddy workmanship, and charlatanism. An accusation that a Tir’ran will answer with a wink and a shrug.

Due to their travels, the Tir’ran pick up and sell goods throughout the lands, capitalizing on demand-based speculation. Their purchases tend to reflect the travel plans of the clan in the near future. While some of the goods traded are highly valued by the scattered villages and cities of the nation of Adearan, they are also infamous for selling cheap handicrafts that they claim were obtained in far-off and exotic lands. Such goods are claimed to have the ability to cure baldness, ward off ghosts, and improve sexual performance.

Perhaps worse than the snake oil-type goods sold by some of the clans is the propensity for valuables to disappear from homes and businesses in the villages and towns that the Tir’ran visit. Again, such accusations are met with a sly smile and a shrug.

Even though the goods of the Tir’ran are sometimes less than reliable or valuable and thievery runs rampant during their visits, these indiscretions are often partially forgiven in light of the entertainment and performances that these nomads provide. They are masters of music, dance, poetry, theatrics, acrobatics, comedy and illusion. They are also a valued source of information regarding the lands they have recently visited.

The Tir'ran (Childre of the Sun)

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