session 17

After their encounter with Panzurielle, the party made their way to the closest Gatetown, Ecstasy, known for it’s simplicity and peacefulness. After 2 days of travel through the strangeness of the Outlands, Rowan experienced another vision from her goddess (vision write-up) wherein she saw Hezakiah mortally wounded, his hands fused to the two pieces of the wand that the party carried. He looked to her pleadingly and accused her of “letting this happen” to him.

Rowan passed out, drained from the powerful vision. Moments later, she came to and the party decided to take refuge in an abandoned outpost for the night. A peaceful night provided the party with much needed rest which they needed to reach the city of Ecstasy the next day.

They were amazed at the peacefulness of the farmlands that surrounded the city of Ecstasy. Fruit grew large and ripe on trees, vegetables grew in plenty among the well tended fields as they passed. The whole area had a sense of…perfection about it. Upon reaching the gates, they were greeted by a Paladin of Mayanheine, Selina. Not officially on watch, she overstepped the sentry on duty, Fodrin, and asked about the purpose of their visit. They responded that they intended to rest for the evening before using the portal in town to Sigil.

Fodrin, excited by the arrival of the interesting strangers agreed to show them to the best inn in town, Revelhome (aka the Feast Hall). As they passed through the gates, a deafening clamor was heard from the center of town. Allorellan and Hezekiah decided to ignore the ruckus and go the Revel Home while the rest of the party rushed with Selina and Fodrin.

The portion of the party who rushed to see the source of the sound found that the gates in the center of town had been collapsed. Evidently, a cart carrying large cut stone for construction of a temple of Mishikal had broken loose of its restraints and ran into the cluster of white marble arches in at the center of town. As a result, the primary gate to Elysium and to Sigil had been collapsed. Tyrian, Elithar and Rowan quickly went into action lending their healing capabilities to those injured in the accident while Selina worked with those in the area to organize rescue for some who were trapped under the rubble. Selina’s superior officer, Captain Gristlegrip hotly reprimanded her for acting before receiving his command and told her that her efforts would have been better spent investigating the cause of the “accident”.

While assisting the injured, Tyrian and Sachi saw a dirty child with red curly hair leering at them from a nearby alley. The child was dressed in a similar ragamuffin manner of a Sigil lamp-lighter, like they had found Hezekiah. Immediately they assume it was the Tanar’ri, Kadyx who had dogged them since their visit to the Slags in the Hive Ward. Running after the “boy” and getting the attention of Rowan and Elithar, Tyrian sensed a strong aura of evil in the darkened alley. He soon realized that the alley had been magically darkened and Elithar used his priestly magic to counteract the obscuring effect.

To the horror of the party and the bystanders they saw a body completely stripped of skin lying in a pool of blood in the alley, like so many others the party had seen in recent days. Selina and Capt. Gristlegrip quickly took control of the situation and began to question the party. Tyrian intimated that the party may have unintentionally drawn the tragic event to the town. Capt Gristlegrip immediately commanded Selina to take Tyrian into custody for further questioning. Elithar, taking exception to being blamed for the incident and the apparent arrest of his friend, started a heated argument with Capt. Gristlegrip. As a result, the Capain ordered the arrest of Elithar who quickly left the situation by use of the dimensional door spell.

Capt. Gristlegrip ordered Selina to find Elithar and arrest him while he took Tyrian to the watch headquarters for questioning. As Elithar had used his Hat of Disguise to change his appearance, Selina had little luck in locating him. She instead ordered some others in the town watch to look for him while she returned to the headquarters to question (and look out for) Tyrian.

At the watch headquarters, Tyrian explained (in as basic and vague terms as possible) that they were being hunted by a Tanar’ri who was most likely responsible for the murder. Gristlegrip quickly realized that Tyrian was not responsible, but that his party’s presence proved a risk to the safety of his city. He ordered Selina to accompany them until they left town when the gates were repaired in 2 days time. Until then, he gave them strict orders to notify him of any sightings or encounters with the elusive Kadyx.

Regrouping back at the Revel Home, the party acquired lodging and food for the evening.

session 17

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