Rowan Dawnstrider

Half-Elven Druid walking the line between the world of men and the wilds


_Rowan Dawnstrider_Half-Elven ( Tir’Ran) Ranger/Druid – the daughter of the powerful druidess Lizzella Fatespinner and the Tir’Ran bard Quelinos Dresselan, Rowan spent the first part of her life living in the wilds with her mother, learning the laws and ways of nature. Noticing her daughter’s discomfort and awkwardness in “civilized” settings, Lizzella sent her daughter to live with her birthfather, amongst the Tir’Ran. Rowan has been adopted by the clan (reluctantly by some) and has proven to be a valuable scout and pathfinder.

Player Submitted History

Rowan Dawnstrider

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