Prince Brin

Prince of Aderan


This young man exudes confidence and nobility with his every movement and word. Though obviously well intended, he is lacking in experience with common people who do nt bow to his every wish. This leads to most thinking of him as boorish and arrogant (regardless of his intentions). Brin is of medium height and in good condition for a noble. His golden hair is cropped short and he has the bright and clean countenance of a man who has never known a day of toil or hardship in his life…until recently.


Prince Brin Born to privelage and comfort, Brin was raised with the finest education and training. Desite his desinty to replace his father, King Baldrick, Brin’s greatest desire was to become a Knight of Pallindor like his childhood friend, Derek Light-Shield. Sent out by his father on a seemingly harmless boarder patrol with some of the finest soldier of the Grand Army of Adeara with Derek at his side, Brin was ambushed by a large group of well trained and armed gnolls. All of the gaurdsmen fell and Brin and Derek were taken captive. They were tortured and piled for information, but were ultimately saved by Allorellan, Elithar, and Rowan.

Brin convinced the Sul’Aras to gaurd and accompany him to the capital city of Kemelock so that he could report the dire news of the growing gnoll army to his father and the Knights of Pallindor. In return, he promised to secure the rights for the clan to perform and stay within the capital city for 1 month every year, a right denied to all Tir’ran.

Brin was last seen with the Sul-Aras en route to Kemelock.

Prince Brin

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