Ancient Greater Hag with an unknown agenda and a deep interest in the party


A creature of chaos and pure evil, Panzurielle can take any form that she chooses. Regardless if she wears the face of a beautiful young woman or that of a filthy old crone, she is always accompanied by bugs. Worms,roaches and especially spiders crawl through her hair, out of her mouth and nose and over her face, though she never seems to notice them.

The form she has taken most with the party (as far as they know) has been that of an old and wrinkled crone. She wears a filthy and yellowed wedding gown, perhaps as a reminder of her lost love, Azriel.


From what the party can piece together, Panzurielle was forcibly removed from the Grey Wastes (the home plane of the Night Hags)centuries ago for unknown reasons. At some point, she came upon the wounded and dying Azriel who had been pursued throughout the planes by forces both divine and diabolic, hunting him for the Wand of Orcus that he carried. The circumstances are unknown, but Azriel and Panzurielle fell in love after she helped him to hide from those who hunted him for a time. The result of their illicit love affair was a son, who would later become the father of Allorellan. Panzurielle hatched the plan of breaking the wand and hiding it across the planes, but would not let Azriel tell her where the pieces were hidden. After the plan was completed, Panzurielle had hoped to be reunited with Azriel, but was never allowed to as Azriel was mazed by the Lady of Pain. She has sought to be reunited with Azriel of hundreds of years.

Panzurielle was the force that brought the party into the struggle for the Wand of Orcus. It was her meddling that showed them where the first piece lay and because of her, Ariella and her diabolic forces were instructed where to locate the families of the party to hold as hostages. Her intent for the party is yet unknown as she has both helped and hindered them along the way. Though she claims to enjoy he chaos of the whole situation, a chance to make a difference in the Blood War, the party suspects that she has other intentions and plans that she is not sharing.


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