Nienna Mireiel

Gifted Seer of the Sul-Aras that some would see succeed the current Ada in due time.


Nienna is of average build and appearance for the Tir’ran with the exception of her flame red hair, a rareity amoung the elves. Nienna dresses in the customary bright and garish colors of the Tir’ran. Her dresses leave little to the imagination of Lovari who pay handsomely for her divinations (though generally made up on the spot by Nienna).


Nienna Mireiel- is the most capable seer among the Sul-Aras, despite her young age of 50, barely an adult by Tir’ran standrards. Nienna was not born to a Sul-Aras family, but was adopted by Angrod after a raid he lead on a rival clan resulted in the death of her parents. That event lead Angrod to be hesitant of raids. Nienna is well aware of how she came to join the Wind Deer, but holds no ill will for her adoptive father. She has accepted his reluctance to shed blood as repentance.

Possessing uncommon wisdom and insight, many feel that she should be the next Ada. Others feel that would be an insult to the clan as she is not of true Sul-Aras blood.

Nienna Mireiel

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