Vertean of the Blood War Enthralled to the Baatezu who calls herself "Ariella"


As a man who has seen and survived the worst battles of the Blood War, Markus generally has a look of confidence, boredom, and disinterest. A sharp observer may catch a glimmer of hopelessness or sorrow when his hard facade falters. His hair is cropped short (to deny enemy combatants any advantage)and his body is covered in countless scars of equally countless battles. He has always been seen in white armor of unknown material that has the screaming faces of insane, angry, and dying men sculpted into it.


Markus’s personal history is largely unknown to the party. The few words he exchanged with the party has led them to belive that he was somehow taken in a contract with the Baatezu, Ariella and bound to serve her for an unspecified period of time. Her end of that bargan was is unknown (and largely irrelevant since his death at the hands of the party). As a gifted warrior, tactician, and leader, he served as Ariella’s primary field commander and bodygaurd.

Markus was first introduced to the party as the leader of the mercenary forces hired to help defend the boarder town of Kerrington. It was soon revealed that he and his forced had no interest in defending the town, but rather sought the ancient relic tumored to be hidden in the area.

He was sent into Sigil by Ariella (who is physically banned from that city) to try to recover the peices of the wand of Orcus that the party holds. he was unsuccessful in his attempts to verbally coax them out of the artifacts and even a brazen attack within the city. He followed the party into Pandemonium where they recovered a second piece of the wand. Markus was ultimately killed by the party on the 623rd level of the Abyss in a climactic battle within a hell of perpetual falling and nothingness.


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