Haldamir Taralom

Young userper of the Sul Aras


As a family patriarch, Haldamir is exceptionally young (74 years old). Unlike most Tir’Ran, he rarely smiles or takes joy in their care-free life. He has shoulder length brown hair that he keeps meticulously clean. He is slightly larger than most Tir-ran which aids him in intimidating those who would not follow his lead.


Haldamir Taralom: Youthful leader of the Taralom family and most likely successor to the role of Ada should Angrod pass. He is reluctant to accept outsiders to the clan and is motivated solely by his own ambitions and greed. Haldamir is constantly conspiring and working behind the scenes to turn the clan’s public opinion against Angrod.

When the party last saw Haldamir, he was accompanying the rest of the clan as they made thier way to XXX accompanying Prince XXXX.

Recently, the Night Hag Panzurielle informed the party that Haldamir had replaced Angrod as the Ada of the clan and had sold them into slavery at the hands of the Baatezu army occupying their home plane.

Haldamir Taralom

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