Fenton Cleft-Lip

High Visier to King Baldrick and Outcast from the Anor-Ithil


Fenton, well over 200 years of age, viewed those around with with little more than contempt and it showed in his words and actions. Having the slight build of the Anor-Ithil, exadurated through his centuries of research and magical persuits, Fenton had stark white hair, silvery eyes and pale skin of someone who spent the majority of his life indoors in candelight.


Fenton Cleft-Lip – was banished from the the kingdom of the reclusive Annor-Ithil for unknown reasons and quickly found a place as the High Visier for the King of Adeara. While serving as Visier, Fenton busied himself with finding the answer to the problem of the growing barbarian hoards. According to a journal he lead the party to find, Fenton had sought to bind a devil, or Baatezu to his will for this purpose. Fenton was betrayed by the Baatezu (calling herself “Ariella”, his death ending her bindings to him.

Later finding out the Fenton knew the true name of Ariella, the part sought out his memories within the Sea of the Lost within the Astral plane. Once found, his memories provided the party with the knowledge they needed to forge a weapon that would ultimately defeat Ariella.

Fenton Cleft-Lip

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