Derek Light-Shield

Shining Beacon of Honor and Loyalty - Knight of Pallindor, Officer of the Harmonium


Even when not clad in his gleaming armor of Pallindor, Derek has the presence of a man of action. His larger than average build and square facial features make him a textbook example of the image of the Knights of Pallindor. Derek is honest and loyal to a fault, forever willing to sacafice himself for the greater good of his friends and compatriots.


Derek Lightshield: The son of the Lord High Paladin of Pallindor and 2nd advisor to King Baldrick, Derek was raised within the Church of Pallindor to become one of His servants of justice. Derek accompanied Prince Brynas they lead a company of soldiers to investigate the increased borderlands violence and to assess the military abilities of Marcus, general of the legions from the “Old Kingdom” who had been appointed to marshal the defenses of Kerrington. Derek and Bryn were saved by the party after they had been captured by a gnoll war band. Derek was accompanied by the party to Kerrington while Bryn was escorted to the capital city of Kemlock by the rest of the clan. Derek accompanied the party on their hunt of Panzurielle, but was defeated by her spider abominations and was on the brink of death. He was later healed and teleported to Sigil by Panzurielle as she promised the group. After a month of waiting, Derek has joined the Harmonium and is heading up a movement to instate Harmonium in the chaotic ward in Sigil known as the Hive. He is currently undergoing Harmonium officer training on the plane of Mechanus.

Derek Light-Shield

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