Captain Gristlegrip

A gristled, verteran warrior who has retiered to the sleepy gatetown of Ecstacy to live out the remainder of his days leading the town watch.


A late middle aged human originally from the Prime Material Plane, Gristlegrip is stout and covered in thick and deep scars from countless battles. His balding head and thick beard are trimmed neatly in a militaristic fashion and are white from age.


Captain Gristlegrip came to the gatetown of Ecstacy nearly a decade ago after deciding he had become too old to continue his life as an adventurer. He currently serves as the Captain of the town watch, and though he seems to have open contempt for the simplicity of the petitioners of the town, it is obvious that he cares a great deal for the town. The one thing that he has genuine contempt for is the Powers and “those simple enought to blindly follow them”. This puts him at odds with many in town who would see it shift through the gate into Elysium, but his battle prowess and matial knowledge have made him a valuable asset to the town.

Captain Gristlegrip

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