Brumpim Reekwind

Half-Ogre with the mind of a child adopted into the Sul-Aras clan of Tir'ran


Brumpim – dwarfs the rest of the Sul-Aras as he stands at 10 feet tall (and seemingly nearly as wide). His skin is a pebbly brown hide that is intermitantly covered in coarse black hair that seems to grow in exactly the wrong places. He generally wears clothing that mimics what the Tir’ran wear, but they generally look more like he got stuck in a caravan tent and neglected to remove it. He has a Neanderthal like sloping forehead and the simple eyes of a child that shows his kinds nature over his gruff exterior. Brumpim usually carries a large club fashioned from a fallen oak he came across some years ago. The Tir’ran have applied their wood working skills to carve it into an intimidating, iron bound weapon.


Brumpim is actually a half ogre that was adopted by the clan two years ago. Brumpim’s mother was brutally raped by an ogre during a barbarian raid. Brumpim was mocked, ridiculed, and beaten by the other villagers and was forced to live in a cave near the village. He was taken care of by his loving mother until she died of pneumonia. The clan tried to take refuge in Brumpim’s cave and was surprised to see that it was already occupied. Though he appears vicious, he has the mind of a simple child. Brumpim was enchanted by the beauty of the “pointy ears” and offered to let the elves stay in his sizeable cave. When the Sul’Aras moved on, he followed them at a respectful distance, even though some attempts were made to chase him off. After these attempt proved unsuccessful, the clan invited him to join with them in exchange for his help with manual labor, heavy lifting, and defense of the tribe. His strong arm has saved many lives in the two years he has been with the clan. Many angry, drunk villagers have also had to think twice about confronting the clan after questionable business transactions due to his intimidating stature and fierce loyalty to his “pointy ears”.

Though most accept Brumpim as one of the clan, there are some like Haldmir who see him as a blemish to the purity of the clan and would rather he just disappear.

Brumpim Reekwind

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