Baatezu Seeking the Capture or Demise of the Party


In her true form, the creature calling herself is beautiful beyond description. Flawless white skin, raven black hair and bright amber eyes; the ideal of every mortal. As is common with her kind, she has black horns curling from her temples and leathery wings arching from her back, betraying her diabolic nature. Though seemingly quick to anger, like all Baatezu, she rarely makes a move without first thinking it through and contemplating all outcomes. She is rarely ever surprised.


Ariella: Initially presented herself to King Baldrick as an emissary from the “Old Kingdom” (her true nature hidden by an illusion) and quickly earned his trust, promising to provide soldiers to fight the chaotic hordes harassing the boarder lands of the kingdom. Ariella was introduced to the party in Kerrington as she was accompanied by Findor Cleftlip, the primary advisor to King Baldrick. Leaving on a reconnaissance mission with the Findor, she returned abruptly carrying his body. She reported that their group had been attacked and that Findor was drowned by the barbaric hoards. Panzurielle later explained that Ariella was actually a Devil or Baatezu that was searching for a very valuable artifact. After failing to beat the party to the retrieval of the artifact, Ariella later captured the entire Sul-Aras clan to hold as bargaining chips against the party.

According to Panzurielle, Ariella has previously been banned from Sigil and cannot enter the city directly, so the Cage can be used as a haven from her direct machinations to a limited extent.

Ariella is responsible for most if not all of the attacks and troubles of the party to date. Her current whereabouts are unknown to the party, though he is most likely leading the Baatezu in the Blood War that has spilled onto their home plane, tormenting their kidnapped families, and biding her time.


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