Anwen Covakel

Tir'ran matron of the Covakel family


Broader in girth than most Tir’ran, Anwen has given birth to more than 10 children with fathers all rumored to be from all of the major families. Despite her large size, Anwen retains some of the looks and all of the charm that made her a legendary dancer among the tribe. Nearing late middle age (120 years) her hair has begun to show her age as silver highlights have become more prominent and laugh lines have become deeper around her eyes and mouth.


Anwen Covakel – Matron of the Covakel family and trusted adviser to Angrod, the clan Ada. Anwen accompanied the party and Derek on their way to Kerrington. En route she was wounded and implanted with eggs of one of Panzurielle’s giant spider abominations. Within Kerrington, her condition worsened and her head separated from her body, taking on a new life of one of Panzurielle’s spider abominations.

The party tracked the abomination to Panzurielle’s lair where they dispatched of it and Elithar performed the appropriate rites of death as a Lome Linod.

Anwen Covakel

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