Angrod Hylan

The aging Ada (leader) of the Sul-Aras (Wind Deer) Clan of Tir'Ran elves


Angrod is advanced in years for a The Tir’ran (Childre of the Sun), though one would not know it by looking at him. despite his age, he has managed to remain as lithe and nimble as an elf half of his age. His hair is salt and pepper (though more salt than pepper he regularly jokes) and his eyes and mouth are accented by deep laugh lines. An observant eye will note that his frequent laughter and smiles are sometimes overshadowed by brief flashes of concern and worry for his people in these troubled times.


Angrod Hylan – The Ada of the Sul-Aras and Patriarch of the Hylan family for over 80 years. Angrond has always lead the clan in the persuit of modest prosperity and peaceful coexistance with other clans and the Lovari (or outside or Non-Tir’ran) settlements they visit and do”business” with.

Angrod is the adoptive father of Allorellan and is generally accepting of all outsiders who wish to be part of the clan (much to the dismay of certain of the other families of the clan who hold a more exclusive and isolationist view of Lovari.

When the party last saw Angrod, he was leading the Sul-Aras further into the Kingdom of Adearan to the capital city of Kemelock to seek sanctuary from the humans as they accompanied the heir apparent, XXXXX.

More recently, the party received information from the Night Hag Panzuriell that Angrod had been displaced as Ada byHaldamir Taralom who has sold his people into slavery under the Baatezu army lead by Ariella. Panzurielle was not specific as to whether or not he still lived.

Angrod Hylan

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